Iron eXtream

The Best Solution for Iron-Free Water
Chemical-Free Iron Filtration

• Introducing the chemical free, trouble free, low mantance best iron filter you will ever own.

• No Chemicals, acid, salts or potassium's used to regenerate or clean this unit.

• Only oxygen "air" and periodic automatic back washing.

• Dual tank automatic operation:

• 1st - stage/tank- Air cell/contract tank. This tank automatically replenishes lost/ used

oxygen every night. This tank is first inline effectively oxidizes troublesome soluble Ferris

Iron, transforming it into a "solid state ferric form of iron" and sends it down stream to the

2nd tank to be effectively trapped and removed from your water.

• 2nd Stage/ tank media filtration tank: this tank is full of special medias designed to

trap oxidized iron and partials in the layers of media, holding them until automatic back

wash cycle flushes them all to the drain while self cleaning the media bed at the same time.

• Estimated media bed life's up to 10 years with proper back washing.


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Iron eXstream Chemical Free Iron Filter