WPS Fusion Water Softeners

In the Boulder / Denver area and many other places around Colorado water softeners are an important home appliance. Especially for homes using well water. Because well water usually come from deep underground the water contains a lot of hard minerals. A water softener can greatly reduce the amount of soap that you use for cleaning, laundry and dishes. It also greatly enhances the effectiveness of these soaps so your whole home stays a lot cleaner.

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Chlorine & Chloramine Free Water

Chlorine & Chloramine Free Water

Whole House Intelligent Purification

Chlorine | Chloramine Filter

Chlorine & Chloramine Exposure Happens:

• In the Shower & Bath - Absorbed Through Your Skin
• In the Shower - Inhaled In Your Lungs
• In Your Drinking Water

Why Expose yourself? Great Water is Easy!

Health Benefits:
• Eliminate Chlorine & Chloramine Exposure
• Healthier Skin, less irritation from chlorine, not dry and flaky
• Pure Healthy Drinking Water

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Iron eXtream

The Best Solution for Iron-Free Water
Chemical-Free Iron Filtration

• Introducing the chemical free, trouble free, low mantance best iron filter you will ever own.

• No Chemicals, acid, salts or potassium's used to regenerate or clean this unit.

• Only oxygen "air" and periodic automatic back washing.

Iron eXstream Chemical Free Iron Filter

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TrojanUV: Trusted around the world


The Trojan name inspires water confidence around the world. In over 50 countries, our UV systems are treating and purifying water in thousands of cities, communities, industries and homes for literally millions of people. Every day, Trojan UV systems treat more than 26 billion gallons of water.


The TrojanUVMax™ uses the same proven UV technology and expertise that we build into the systems that purify the leading brands of bottled water and the drinking water of large cities like Seattle, Washington. Enjoy that same confidence in the water you and your family drink with the TrojanUVMax™.

Trojan builds the large UV systems used to purify many of the leading brands of
bottled water, as well as the municipal drinking water of many cities.


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Homespring Central Water Purifier The Homespring is a membrane filtration system that is ideal for use in small public water systems that are under the influence of surface water. It is the only system available that is certified for Cysty, Bacteria, and Virus removal.

Contact Water Purification Specialists for:

•  Engineering & Complete System Design

State Approval

Quality Installation

Operation & Service

Weather your needs are small or large you have come to the right place to get both quality products, installation, service a guarantee you can't beat and exceptional value for your money. Call (303) 938-1833 and talk to us about your needs.

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WPS Radon Stripper

WPS Radon Stripper

WPS Radon Stripper



Through the use of proven water technology and electronic controls Water Purification Specialists has designed and produced a unique system for removing Radon Gas from domestic water supplies.


WPS Radon Stripper Features:

  • Whisper Quiet operation
  • Guaranteed 99% removal
  • Easy Venting
  • Improves well production and pump life
  • Provides water storage
  • Modular design 100 - 2000 gallons per day
  • Programable Controller - Customizable for each family or business


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Electronic Water Purification

The Future of Water Purification is Here!

The Electronic Water Purifier is a specially designed system to provide ultra pure drinking water throughout your whole house. This is a totally new state of the art technology which will provide water greatly superior to any other type of water purification technology available.

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AER-MAX systems

AER-MAX systems
for sulfur and iron problems

How does the AER-MAX system work?

The AER-MAX system uses a three-step process:


The AER-MAX system oxidizes the water by injecting pressurized air into the water system. During the aeration process, oxygen mixes with iron and hydrogen sulfide, precipitating these undesirable elements.

Unwanted air and gases are expelled through the MAXI-VENT allowing maximum air turnover. The final stage of the process is when the water flows through the filtration tanks, producing naturally clean water.

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