LINX Evolution Drinking Water System

Drinking Water System
LINX Evolution Drinking Water System



The first technological advancement in the drinking water industry in over
30 years.

How Smart is the Linx?

LINX Evolution is programmable so water tastes the way you like it. Taking into account the quality of your feedwater, a technician programs the unit for maximum effectiveness. After install, the homeowner is able to select up to five different settings on the unit; controlling the extent to which TDS is reduced. This Dial-A-Taste Control allows you to customize the taste of your drinking water for more or less mineral content – ranging from Spring Water, Drinking Water, to Purified Water2 flavor.




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PuROTwist 4000

PuROTwist 4000

Reverse Osmosis System

Like a tall Cool Drink of Water

• clean & delicious
• 4 stage purification system
• easy installation
• fits under kitchen sink

Natural & clean

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Water Maker Five

Drinking Water System
Water Maker Five

The Five Stage Water Maker

Five uses a unique membrane configuration to reduce the amount of water down the  drain  by more than 25%.

Now available with a 50-gpd membrane upgrade.

• Faster tank refill

the new high-output 50-gpd membrane fills the tank faster, giving you more water when   you need it.

• Better pre-filtration

Out top quality GAC pre-filtration now provides even better chlorine protection.

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PUREQ Reverse Osmosis

High Quality, cost effective quick change R.O system

The Series Reverse Osmosis System was designed to offer you a cost effective alternative to high priced proprietary quick change. R.O. systems. Made of high quality FDA approved materials and engineered to exacting standards the will quickly become your first choice for a sanitary system. The starts with a melt blown sediment filter for sand, grit, and particle reduction, then a GAC and carbon block for chlorine reduction and odor control. The 50 gallon per day TFC membrane reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) and impurities from the water. The optional inline fifth stage GAC filter gives the water a clean, crisp taste. Every system comes with a 3.2 gallon NSF listed storage tank, an attractive ceramic disk faucet, a high quality water feed installation kit with ball valve shut-off, and our proprietary quick change sanitary style cartridges.



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PureFlow 2000

The PureFlow 2000
Drinking Water Anytime, Anywhere


PF-smSafety & Purity From One System

The unique 2 stage (ceramic / Carbon) filtration of the
Pureflow 2000 provides unsurpassed safety and purity in your
drinking water.  Most water filtration systems are not rated for
the removal of bacteria and this is where the PureFlow 2000
stands apart from the rest.

It is capable of purifying water from potable and non-potable
sources such as: City Water, Rivers, Springs, Shallow Wells,
Lakes, Rain Water, and other sources.








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