Aqua Gate


“Water damage, the number one homeowner’s insurance claim,
costs insureds and insurers more every year than fire, storms,
or theft.” (Claims Magazine October 2005)

“A home with a record of water claims may be uninsurable!”
(MONEY Magazine 2003)


The Leak Controller/AquaGate is beeping, how do I shut it off?

A. The Leak Controller has activated due to one of the following:

1. water touching the sensor (leak or spill)
2. low battery
3. no testing for 2 years

Check for leaks and fix if necessary. Dry sensor(s). Open valve to reset

Now the Leak Controller/AquaGate is in normal open and ready position again.

LCS Series Service Reminder Set and Clear

step1: Confirm unit valve (knob) is in the open (green) position

step 2: Push and hold button down for 2 seconds (2 flashes) and push the right side manual close button (this closes the valve) Release the button

step3: Unit will confirm by beep and flash sequence (factory default is 1 flash, off)

beep/flash sequence:

1 = off

2 = 6 month service reminder

3 = 12 month service reminder

4 = 18 month service reminder


step4: Press the button and the unit will cycle to the number of beep/flash

note: continuous pressing of the button will cycle to the beginning 1 flash and so on...

step5: After stopping on desired beep/flash number, manually open the valve to set (turn knob handle to green position

The service reminder is now set.


Upon sensing moisture, the Aquagate will engage the shut-off valve and sound an alarm. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak while the alarm continues to signal until the unit is reset.


This product does not guarantee the prevention of water damage. Many factors increase the probability of preventing water damage including: Constant AquaGate testing / Physical verification of all parts / Correct placement of the sensor(s)