Aqua Gate CX

The Leak Controller/AquaGate is beeping, how do I shut it off?

A. The Leak Controller has activated due to one of the following:

1. water touching the sensor (leak or spill)
2. low battery
3. no testing for 2 years

Check for leaks and fix if necessary. Dry sensor(s). Open valve to reset

Now the Leak Controller/AquaGate is in normal open and ready position again.

LCS Series Service Reminder Set and Clear

step1: Confirm unit valve (knob) is in the open (green) position

step 2: Push and hold button down for 2 seconds (2 flashes) and push the right side manual close button (this closes the valve) Release the button


step3: Unit will confirm by beep and flash sequence (factory default is 1 flash, off)


beep/flash sequence:

1 = off

2 = 6 month service reminder

3 = 12 month service reminder

4 = 18 month service reminder

step4: Press the button and the unit will cycle to the number of beep/flash


note: continuous pressing of the button will cycle to the beginning 1 flash and so on...


step5: After stopping on desired beep/flash number, manually open the valve to set (turn knob handle to green position


The service reminder is now set.