Hot Tank

Custom Designed for many applications

Instant hot water heating tank designed for use with Waterstone Hot & Cold and Hot Only faucets. Insulated, solder less, ½ gallon stainless steel tank construction. Adjustable temperature 140F to 190F (60C to 88C). Pressure regulating valve (PRV) included. TWO YEAR warranty when installed with a Waterstone faucet.

Technical Specifications:

! Adjustable temperature 140F to 190F
(60C to 88C).
! Insulated ½ gal. Stainless Steel tank.
! Compatible with RO filtration systems.
! Up to 60 cups per hour capacity (2.3L).
! Integrated vent, works with any Waterstone Hot
only or Hot & Cold filtration faucet.
! Heating element - 780 watts, 6.5 amps,
120 volts, 60 Hz.
! Inlet water pressure, 35 psi min, to 60 psi max.
! Minimum inlet volume (filter output), 1 gal / min.
! Manufactured by Anaheim Manufacturing.
! Dimensions- 11 1/4”

5000-Specification Sheet