Water Bottle Filling Station

Water Bottle Filling Station
Fills bottles with cold purified water



• Serves up to 1000 16 oz bottles per day

• Programmable / Adjustable System Operation

• Digital displays shows number of bottles saved

• Stainless Steel Dispensing Station with Customizable Graphics

• One Button Operation

• Only One Simple Annual Maintenance Needed

Advanced Purification System:

• KDF Chlorine Reduction

• Green Carbon Chlorine and VOC Removal

• Extra Low Energy Consumption Reverse Osmosis Membrane

• Energy Efficient & Ultra Quite Pressure Boosting Pumps

• 34 Gallon Holding Tank with Level Control

• UV Disinfection

• 9 Gallon Per Hour Water Chiller



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Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Custom Designed for many applications

Standard Features

•Powder coated steel frame
• Inlet solenoid valve
• 20” prefilter
• Prefilter pressure gauge
• Multistage centrifugal pump
• Low-pressure protection with microprocessor
auto reset
• 2 ½” liquid filled pump pressure gauge
• Stainless steel pressure vessel(s)
• Product flow meter
• Reject flow meter
• Concentrate needle valve
• Non metallic recycle needle valve
• On / off toggle switch
• Feed water and product water TDS monitor



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Homespring Central Water Purifier The Homespring is a membrane filtration system that is ideal for use in small public water systems that are under the influence of surface water. It is the only system available that is certified for Cysty, Bacteria, and Virus removal.

Contact Water Purification Specialists for:

•  Engineering & Complete System Design

State Approval

Quality Installation

Operation & Service

Weather your needs are small or large you have come to the right place to get both quality products, installation, service a guarantee you can't beat and exceptional value for your money. Call (303) 938-1833 and talk to us about your needs.

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