Water Bottle Filling Station

Water Bottle Filling Station
Fills bottles with cold purified water



• Serves up to 1000 16 oz bottles per day

• Programmable / Adjustable System Operation

• Digital displays shows number of bottles saved

• Stainless Steel Dispensing Station with Customizable Graphics

• One Button Operation

• Only One Simple Annual Maintenance Needed

Advanced Purification System:

• KDF Chlorine Reduction

• Green Carbon Chlorine and VOC Removal

• Extra Low Energy Consumption Reverse Osmosis Membrane

• Energy Efficient & Ultra Quite Pressure Boosting Pumps

• 34 Gallon Holding Tank with Level Control

• UV Disinfection

• 9 Gallon Per Hour Water Chiller




Custom designed for the University of Colorado our water bottle filling station offers a unique set of features making the most advanced system of its kind. Environmental protection and energy conservation are key statements made by its design. Students fill their bottles with ultra purified water that is better for them and tastes as good or better than the bottled water they buy. Since bottled water has been one of the bigger environmental disasters around the world our large LED display shows exactly how many bottles the students have saved by using the system. This number represents plastic saved from landfills, oil and greenhouse gas pollution saved from the manufacturing of bottles and shipping and excessive amounts of money on our most basic need – clean water.


Advanced operation and abuse prevention are achieved through a programmable controller that offers customization to any situation. Features include: 0.5 second delayed filling – prevents walker bys from activating system. 16 oz delivery - allows for easy filling without spills. Delayed counter advance – prevents abuse of the system to see the counter change. The controller also handles the level control in the holding tank, controls the pressure boosting pumps and membrane flushing giving us a simple smooth operating system.


Specifications and Requirements:

Purification System Requirements:

½” Cold Water Supply

One 15 amp 110vt circuit with 3-4 outlets

Drain with air gap connection

Dispensing Specifications:

24" wide by 23" high by 9" deep

Contact Water Purification Specialists with any questions (303) 938-1833